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Premarital Course Waitlist

An online course to help engaged couples prepare for marriage.

Photo of Emily & Samuel, By @heatherjamesonphoto

Photo of Emily & Samuel, By @heatherjamesonphoto

Course Sections

Everything You Need to Prepare for Marriage

This course includes topics like:


Creating a Happy & Healthy Marriage


Family & Foundations


Communication & Conflict






Sexual & Spiritual Intimacy

Plus, a 60+ page workbook and two exclusive resources:

100 Love Language Date Ideas & The Ultimate Guide to the Wedding Night and Honeymoon


Common Questions

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Is the course live or on demand?

The course is completely on demand. Watch it at your own pace on your own time. 

How long is the course?

The total run time of the course is just under 2 hours. Each module is between 5-10 minutes long so you don’t need to watch it all at once. 

We're long distance. Will this work for us?

Yep! The lack of premarital resources for long distance couples was a big reason we created this course. Both you and your fiancé will have individual logins to the course so you can watch each module and jump on a FaceTime or Zoom call to discuss.

Do we have to be engaged to take this course?

We strongly encourage couples to be engaged before buying the course. However, you can also take the course if you’re seriously dating or newly engaged. 

How long will we have access?

Forever. You can take it while you’re engaged and then come back and rewatch it once you’re married.

Will we both have access to the course?

Yes! Upon purchase, you’ll get a one-time code you can share with your partner that will allow them free access to the course. This way, you’ll both have your own login info and can watch the course separately and/or together.

What's all included?

You’ll get lifetime access to the course content (all seven sections in a video format) and the 60+ page workbook. In addition, you’ll also get two bonus resources: 100 Love Language Date Ideas & The Ultimate Guide to the Wedding Night and Honeymoon.

Do I need to be a Christian to take this course?

While you’re totally welcome to take the course if you’re not a Christian, every section takes a faith-based and biblical approach to marriage. If you’re not a Christian, you may disagree with some of the information we share. 

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